Do you and your leadership have an eye on all possible hazards? How much additional time do you have in your day-to-day business to evaluate possible risks? Have you thought of your own risk? How about your personal liability?

Protect yourself and your business by implementing a sustainable business model and combine integrity and compliance. Make sure that your corporate ethical principles and values ​​are conveyed transparently and clearly to all stakeholders.

Your license to operate should never be in danger!

What about integrity? Integrity aims at the ethical and value-oriented behavior of all those involved.

Is it lived and promoted in your company, are the right actions taken regardless of no specific rules in place?

What about integrity, ethics and compliance in your company?

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Augsten Consulting SYSTEM

Identify, prioritize and assign responsibilities in order to avert real or potential threats / dangers to the company.

In focus are the risks that arise from the disregard and non-compliance of legal, internal or ethical requirements. Failure of adherence to or disregard of laws, rules and guidelines can lead to substantial fines, sanctions, imprisonment, loss of image and the lockout of important markets.

Compliance Management System

Avoidable risks