Why is Augsten Consulting the right partner for you?

  • Pragmatic and flexible approach – tailored to your company.
  • 13 years of practical experience as a Compliance Officer in Germany and abroad.
  • More than 40 years of professional experience in various functions as CEO, CFO, Sales Commercial Manager and Compliance Officer in a global cooperation.
  • Direct involvement in the establishment and management of Compliance organizations in various industries.
  • Successful implementation of complex projects. From the project definition to the timely completion of the whole process.

I started my career with an apprenticeship as industrial sales representative at Siemens Leuchtenwerk (yes, Siemens once designed and produced luminaires).
At the age of 28 I was given my first foreign assignment; working in England for 5 years as a commercial team leader in London and Birmingham, Siemens sales and production site of luminaires.

With no detour, I moved to Shanghai in 1996 for 2 exciting and eventful years, to experience the Chinese economic opening policy as commercial director of Siemens-Joint Ventures.

During the millennium years I worked close to my home, i. H. in Erlangen and Nuremberg. After experience the East, I now developed the business concept for the American automation industry in my function as a business developer. Not much later, I was entrusted to found the B2B company Vertracross as CFO, on behalf of Siemens (which unfortunately had to close after less than 2 years).

China continued to fascinate me, so I went back to contribute my business experience as CFO. The following years, I took over the establishment and management of the Siemens Ltd. China Compliance organization.

Even after my return to Erlangen in 2008, the issue of Compliance persists. After several managerial positions, exciting projects and teaching assignments (Humboldt University and Bucerius Law School), I decided to go my own way. It feels very good!

I want companies and decision-makers to benefit from my particular strengths of integrity, analysis and reliability. Advising, supporting and actively contributing to sustainable solutions drives and motivates me to pass on my experiences with full commitment.

Diving for both the big and small attraction for as long as possible – in warm water (!).

Hiking the mountain peaks and treating myself to a Kaiserschmarrn in a cozy alpine cabin.

Skiing down the white mountain slopes and including the stop in a mountain hut (this is called the “Einkehrschwung”).

Collect ideas and implement them by hand, to not neglect the friendships at the local hardware store …