The Augsten 3-step-model

My Augsten 3-step model supports you in all areas of modern compliance management: from reactive to preventive compliance management, to an innovative corporate culture with effective values ​​and standards.

Let’s make it happen together and take your company to a new level …


Ad hoc crisis management
Avoid penalties and sanctions
Focus on each individual case
Image protection
Risk based compliance management
Employee and Management protection
Optimized business process
Sustainable, continuous development of the Compliance System
“Tone from the Top” - values and norms exemplified by the Management
Clear and unambiguous communication
Distinct differentiation from competitors
Long term market image improvement
Sustainable long-term corporate success
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Service Portfolio


Compliance Risk Management


In cooperation with the company’s management and the individual department heads and responsible persons, we create an up-to-date risk assessment of your company. To do this, we scrutinize the entire corporate divisions and thus obtain an exact picture of the areas and topics to be addressed.

The identified hazard sources, with regard to compliance, will be analyzed and evaluated by me in detail after the risk assessment. Within a few days you will receive a well-founded recommendation, with regard to the new compliance orientation of your company and the associated areas.

Successful compliance can also be the result of planning. That is why, together with the Management, I develop specific strategies and measures to minimize or completely eliminate risks that have been identified.

What use is the best analysis and concept, if it is not lived sustainably? This requires a corresponding control. I will give you a specific concept for tracking the relevant areas.

To thoroughly anchor the newly developed corporate culture throughout the company, I work with managers to construct a well thought-out management concept, training the entire workforce on these changes.

Securing long-term corporate compliance success requires sophisticated controls. Preferably as process-controlled and automated / digitized as possible. I am happy to support you!

As direct contact for all matters within the evaluation process, I am happy to assist you until the final implementation. For any challenges that may arise or with new developments in the company, which must be observed in the area of ​​compliance, I will fully support you.


Expert Network


If necessary, you will also receive legal advice. For this, I am happy to put you in contact with experts from my network.

A well thought-out compliance management system needs the right reporting channels, be it by email or phone. Anonymized solutions already exist. I will convey these to you.

In a worst case scenario you have to be well prepared. My partners and I will support you.

There are numerous coachings that go beyond the training concepts for employees. These can be from positioning and branding to behavioral training in management. For any requirements, I am happy to put you in touch with the right experts.

If you want to recruit a permanent compliance manager in your company, I can help you find suitable candidates.

There are experts for every topic. Based on my many years of experience, I will get you in touch with the professionals in their field.

Interims Compliance Officer

I would be happy to provide you with my expertise as an interim compliance manager and work with you to build a sustainable concept or a strong team.

For a period of 3 to 12 months, I will support you in setting up an efficient compliance organization and, if desired, coach the future manager of your compliance organization.

Crisis Management

Has your company already experienced theft or fraud? I can advise you on what further steps you should take.

Have you detected a current breach of applicable law by your company (a manager or employee) and are not sure what to do next? Let me guide you through your next steps.

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